Business Graduate Highlight – Sasha Peggues

MORGANTOWN, WV – When Sasha Peggues wakes up in the morning, she thinks, “Wow! Is this my life?”

“Loving my job is an understatement,” she said. “It’s so amazing.”

Sasha decided during summer 2010 to attend West Virginia Junior College and major in business.

“My mom had been battling cancer, so I pushed off school. She was doing better, and I knew that it was now or never,” Sasha said.  “I thought, ‘I’m just going to go and jump head first and see where it goes from there.’”

One of the biggest problems Sasha said she had was that she had been out of school for awhile.

“This is college, not high school,” Sasha said. “I was intimidated. But everyone was incredibly helpful.”

Sasha said her plan was to just “keep her head down” and get through the program.

But the WVJC faculty and staff had other plans. Sasha externed for the WVJC and was elected WVJC student body president.

“My initial fears and anxiety were crushed, because everyone (at WVJC) wants to see your potential and to see you grow. They want you to shine,” she said.

After graduation, a WVJC career management director sent Sasha’s resume to an optometrist who was planning on opening a new, designer eyewear office.

Sasha was officially hired in August, two months later. She started her new job Sept. 10 as the optical and office manager at The Looking Glass Designer Eyewear Boutique. Her job has taken her to a conference in Las Vegas and training in Cleveland, Ohio. The Boutique will feature eyewear by various designers, which interests the fashion-conscious WVJC grad.

Sasha said she wears a lot of hats in her new position including: human resources and hiring employees, filing payroll, entering retirement, ordering inventory and talking to our sales representatives.

“I do everything from promotional merchandising to ordering the glasses,” Sasha said.

For Sasha, the 18 months she spent at the WVJC were worth it.

“I don’t have to be a cheerleader for the WVJC, because I’m no longer a student. But everyone was really welcoming and really helpful,” Sasha said. “I’m so glad that everything I went through in school was worth it.

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