Brandon Hardman – Student Highlight

Brandon Hardman

Brandon Hardman started attending West Virginia Junior College-Bridgeport in the IT (Information Technology) program in June of 2018. Before attending WVJC, he worked at the Dollar General store in Mount Clare, WV. A few of his favorite things include helping his family, playing video games, spending time at the beach, and he definitely has a sweet tooth. He loves Snickers, Paydays and Reese’s but there is nothing better than any chocolate candy filled with caramel. “It’s the greatest thing on the planet”.  On a perfect day he would like to wake up to the smell of the ocean and spend the whole day swimming in it. He says he is definitely a beach bum at heart.

Brandon heard about WVJC from a friend, Jeffrey Lipscomb, who is also attending the college in the IT program. Having West Virginia Junior College located so near his home, he felt it would be a good fit. On his initial visit he felt very welcome. Brandon said “The environment at the school makes attending here more amazing. I love the instructors here and how professional the setting is. It truly makes learning easier.”

One of Brandon’s favorite classes at WVJC is English Composition with Ms. Nicole Holyfield because they always have interesting discussions in class. “In five years I would like to have a solid career and be able to afford the things I need without financial worry. Being able to focus on career in a specialized field will help me achieve this goal here at WVJC.”

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