Study Tips

Have you ever wondered what the best study habits are? Well, wonder no more! We are going to give you some helpful tips to make your studying sessions less painful. The best advice we can offer is to get a good’s night rest. Having a regular sleep schedule is so important and vital to your success as a student. You should always go to bed and get up at the same time every day. We understand that work schedules and family time may sometimes interfere with a sleep schedule, but it’s important to plan ahead to try to avoid that at all costs. This brings us to our next tip. Get a planner! A planner will be a lifesaver. Planners can help keep you organized. You can plan when to study, around your work schedule, school schedule, and family events.

Where you study can affect your study habits as well. You should always study in a quiet area with little distractions. Also, make it a point to tell your friends and family that you are studying. This way they know not to disturb you. We know cell phones are a big part of day to day life, but sometimes they are a distraction. We suggest turning them off while you are studying, or putting them on silent or vibrate.

See below for more study tips!

  • Get a good night’s rest.
  • Get a planner.
  • Always study in a quiet area.
  • Tell friends and family you are studying.
  • Turn off your cell phone.
  • Use a dictionary or dictionary app.
  • Make sure to have all your supplies ready (notebook, pens/pencil, textbook).
  • Study in a well-lit area.
  • Study for 30 minutes and then take a five minute break. Repeat as necessary.
  • Only highlight 10% of your notes.
  • Make a study checklist.

Carly Reich – Student Highlight

 WVJC Charleston’s first nursing class is in full swing and the campus is buzzing with the excitement that comes with the new program. With so much excitement surrounding this new Nursing program, we want to feature a nursing student in this week’s student highlight.

Please meet Carly Reich!  Carly is a beauty school graduate and health enthusiast! Her hobbies include exercising, cooking, and shopping. Carly loves anything related to health and wellness and plans on working in the dermatology or mental health field. Because of her love of anything health and wellness related, nursing was an easy choice for Carly. An even easier choice for her was to attend WVJC Charleston for her nursing classes.

When asked why she chose nursing, Carly says that when her father was in the hospital, she was moved by how dedicated the nurses were to her father’s care. She said, “The way nurses cared for and comforted my father when he was sick in the hospital made me realize it takes a special person to be a nurse.”  Carly recognized the beauty in caring. “I’ve always had a very strong desire to help others. That’s definitely what fuels my passion to be a nurse.”

WVJC Charleston’s Nursing program offers a supportive, family like environment while providing a robust plan of study to prepare students for a successful career. When asked why she chose WVJC, Carly said, “I have heard nothing but great reviews about their courses from other students. Now that I’m a student here myself, I see exactly why everyone has spoken so highly of them!”

Student success is the main focus at WVJC. Carly said, “All teachers here truly want you to succeed and are extremely helpful, and will go out of their way to do whatever they can to help you on your journey. Instructors work closely with each class and can pick up on each student’s needs to ensure they are learning at their potential. The best part of my experience so far is getting to know the staff and other nursing students. We all get along well and I think we’re going to make a great team.”

Anatomy has been Carly’s favorite class so far. Carly said that learning has been easier at WVJC because of the amazing instructors. “I’d like to recognize Dr. Aaron Settle for being an amazing teacher! He’s done a great job of thoroughly explaining things, but making it entertaining. I’m actually retaining the information from his class, when usually I forget things quickly after a test.” At WVJC, our dedicated instructors want to ensure students build on their knowledge with real-life applications via their externships and certification prep! “One thing that excites me about nursing is all the opportunities available to you when you graduate and pass boards,” Carly said.

If you wish to expand your career options, WVJC Charleston is the place for you to start! If you are thinking about going back to school, Carly says, “My advice would be just to go for it and put your all into it! You can never go wrong by going back to school to earn a degree. All the staff is so caring and compassionate about their students. I used to dread the thought about ever going back to school, but I have loved every minute of my experience, and I’m so grateful I have the opportunity to be a student here.”

Please contact WVJC Charleston at 304-345-2820 or to learn more about our nursing and other training programs!

Five Tips and Tricks for a Successful On-Ground Student

Being a full-time, residential student can sometimes be difficult. From balancing a strict class schedule during the day with work and life, to finding parking, sometimes it takes a little extra motivation to help an on-ground student get going in the mornings. While somewhat less-flexible than an online environment, on-ground capacity does come with its perks. Ease of access to face time with instructors and administrators and bonding opportunities with classmates who become friends help guide our on-ground students as they progress through their programs.

Though it can be tough, there are a number of tips and tricks that one can utilize to improve their chances of success as an on-ground student and increase their performance at the same time. These tips and tricks are helpful whether you’re brand new to our institution or a seasoned veteran. Some of these overlap with our online guide because some tips are universal, regardless of your situation. Others are specific to on-ground.

Number 5 – Meet and Really Get to Know Your Instructors

For the online countdown, this one was listed as “Managing Distractions.” While that is definitely something you will need to accomplish as an on-ground student at WVJC, another just as important tip is to really get to know your instructors. These individuals are professionals in their fields with real-world, expert knowledge. They also have families, hobbies, favorite songs and movies, and everything in between.

Most of our instructors teach multiple classes at the school, and though you are only there for a short while (in the grand scheme of things 18 months flies by), they will be a pretty big part of your life during that 18 months. So, take some time to get to know them. Our instructors are wonderful people and who love to help their students. It’s rarely the exam score that instructors remember about a student, but rather the conversations, personalities, and effort shown in and outside of class.

Your instructors will serve not only as teachers, but mentors and eventually colleagues, so take some time to get to know them!

Number 4 – Get Involved on Campus

This year, the students and administration at WVJC Morgantown established our first Student Government Association. President Sean Wilfong has led the way and they have done many things in and outside of school. Over the summer, they participated in Kid’s Day and went to a Make-A-Wish Breakfast. They have scheduled a pizza party and costume contest for Halloween and are helping with Toys-for-Tots later on this year. The students are organizing a group to run in a 5k for charity and many other wonderful things.

The calendar for next year has not been planned, so it’s an open slate. Have something you’d love to see happen at WVJC? Wish you could make a bigger impact during your time here? There are numerous ways to get involved with SGA from serving on the SGA Council to simply signing up as a volunteer to help with events and participate in the out-of-school activities. The group is incredibly engaging and welcoming to any students who want to be a part of it.

Even if you decide you don’t want to take on an active role, consider shooting recommendations to You can also email Dustin at that address for more information on how to get involved with SGA.

Number 3 – Time Management

It is incredibly important to manage your time effectively when you are a student.

You need to develop a schedule that works for you. While yes, you will have assignment due dates and exams set by your instructors, you are in control of your own schedule outside of school. You will need to study, to work, to take care of family or personal issues, and all sorts of other things that come up. Creating a schedule that allows you to finish everything will be key in finding success as an on-ground student at WVJC. Another issue that sometimes arises with time management is tardiness. Plan ahead and leave early if the weather is particularly bad or if you know the WVU students are back in session. As the old saying goes, “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Finally, Brittany Nuzzo, WVJC Morgantown’s Dean, is the best scheduler in the building. This lady knows everything there ever was to know about time management. If you are struggling with making a schedule and keeping it, take some time, go up to the third floor and have a conversation with her about this. You will not regret it!

Number 2 – Confidence

This one may seem short compared to the others, but confidence is key. As an on-ground student, it is really easy to become intimidated by your instructors or even your classmates when asked to speak up in class or present on a topic. It is important to remember that all of us are people and that your fellow students are here to learn and grow just like you, and your instructors are here because they are passionate about teaching and have a burning desire to help you achieve your dreams.

One of the most disheartening things is a student who is afraid to speak up. Engage with your classmates and your instructor during discussions. Stay after class and approach your instructor. Ask them questions about the subject matter.

Don’t let one bad exam score change your perspective. Sometimes we mess up. That is a fact. If you are working hard to be a good student and one score just doesn’t go your way, don’t let it get you down. Figure out what you did wrong and pledge to do better next time, then do it!

Believe in yourself and your abilities. You are enough. You are able. You can succeed. Show everyone else what you already know – that you are strong and your dreams are within your reach.

Number 1 – Understand “You”

This one is universal and is exactly the same as our online countdown because it’s too true. When speaking about education, everyone has their own learning style and you should never put yourself in a box. For example, if you are a “white board” person –meaning you like to make a large list on a white board and cross it off as you complete it –then by all means continue to do that in place of using a planner. Do what works for you. Each of these tips is broad so that you can determine what approach to it will help you find the most success.

Cheyenne Bolden – Student Highlight

Cheyenne is a 2017 graduate of Liberty High School. While in high school, Cheyenne participated in numerous sports, worked two jobs to fund her summer travels, was a member of the National Honor Society, and enjoyed attending the Friday night football games. She took college classes during her senior year in high school as well.

WVJC was Cheyenne’s choice to jump start her career because she loves the small class sizes and being able to know the teachers one on one. She also loves that the teachers offer free tutoring after class and even in the mornings before class. Currently enrolled in the LPN program, Cheyenne is 21 years old and loves to spend her summers traveling across the globe.

There are many things that Cheyenne loves about her student experience at WVJC. “The library is always open and available when I need to use it. I enjoy being able to ask questions and get answers in a quick time frame. I feel like a person here and not just a number,” said Cheyenne.

When asked who her favorite teacher is so far, Cheyenne said it has been Mrs. Wilson because she has the ability to reach out to students and relay the information in a manner everyone can understand. She is really good at re-explaining something if someone doesn’t understand and uses relatable examples.

“From the time I started my journey here, the teachers and staff have always gone out of their way to make things as easy and smooth as possible. Nursing school is hard enough, it’s nice to have teachers and staff in your corner when things get tough,” said Cheyenne.

Currently, Cheyenne is in the mental health clinical rotation and part of her class has been going to Highland and observing. “I really enjoy mental health nursing, but I imagine it’s very hard at the same time,” said Cheyenne.

Cheyenne is working on finishing up her externship hours at Fairmont Health and Rehab. “I truly love it there. I am hoping to work there with a graduate license until I take and pass my boards. Once that happens, I really hope to secure a PRN job there while planning some much-needed travel plans,” said Cheyenne.

In the future, Cheyenne plans to go back to school and obtain her RN degree. She hopes to become a travel nurse for a few years after getting her RN and once she settles down, she is considering becoming a flight nurse.

Cheyenne’s advice for others is to “not give up, even when you think it’s the only option. In the end, you’re only setting yourself back and keeping yourself from reaching the goals you set out to achieve.”

Are you ready to start down the path to a rewarding career? With short-term programs, small class sizes, personalized attention, and our WE CARE approach to education, WVJC can help you get there. Request information today to get started!

Nicole Jones – Externship Highlight

So you’ve gotten in to college and now you’ve gotten through a few courses and find yourself thinking about entering the work force. With a few more courses and graduation in sight, you find yourself applying for one of the most exciting parts of the Clinical Medical Assistant program, the externship!

Please meet WVJC-Charleston  Clinical Medical Assistant student, Nicole Jones. Nicole wanted to extend her medical career into medical assisting because of her experience in coding. Nicole’s training increased her marketable skills to not just working the front and back of the medical office, but also to providing patient care. Nicole has her sights set on furthering her career in a medical office and working her way up to office manager. Nicole is scheduled to graduate this winter and is very excited!

Nicole has always been fascinated by the medical field. When asked what her favorite course was, she said “I loved all of my lab classes. Getting to be hands on was fun and I learned a lot more because I’m a really hands on learner”. Hands-on learning is one of the fundamental strengths of the Clinical Medical Assistant program at WVJC. Instructors encourage students to not onl

y participate in class and labs, but also stress the importance of externships to gain even more in-field training and experience.

There are many externship sites that partner with WVJC and often, students can tour sites to decide which externship would be best for them. Nicole decided to apply for a medical office that she recently the opportunity to learn it presented. After making this decision, Nicole spoke with the onsite manager and told him she was very interested in gaining experience at that location. After a few phone calls and assistance from the Medical Director at WVJC – Charleston, Ms. Chelsea Abbott, Nicole had an interview!

Nicole spent a few months working at her externship site and really enjoyed it! She will start orientation this October for full time employment. Nicole said that if students are looking for externships, she has a few tips. Nicole stressed that students need to “show up and be dependable.” She continued, saying “You should treat you externship like you are interviewing for a job. Do things to help even when you are not asked. Lastly, actually take the time to show interest and ask questions.”

Nicole is very grateful for all the staff and instructors who have been amazing to her and she said she had learned so much. “I will miss them all!” she said. At 31, Nicole is a mother to three kids. She wanted to provide a better life for her children and to show them to never give up on their dreams.

Do you have a dream like Nicole? Do  you have career goals like she did and want to continue education to learn valuable skills that will be more marketable to employers, AND provide a better life for yourself and your family? If you value education like Nicole and are hardworking, then come see us at WVJC to learn how we can help you find a career!

Warren Preece – Student Highlight

One of the great things about West Virginia Junior College Online is the humanization that occurs in the online environment.  Now, if you are reading this and have never experienced an online course somewhere along the way; that statement might sound a little odd. How is it possible to humanize a virtual environment?  To explain that, I want to introduce you to Warren Preece.

Warren has a story similar to so many students in our school. He went to college right out of high school, ended up making the mistakes that so many make by not attending classes, letting immaturity get the best of him, etc. Warren was in college for a year, and ultimately ended up leaving school and going to work.

Warren went to work at various retail store locations, and was working for a large grocery store chain when he decided that there had to be something more for himself and his family. So, he took a look at WVJC. After working with admissions, he determined that taking classes online was his best chance at something more, because he could continue working and supporting his family, while attending school on his own time. While he expected to have the flexibility he needed, he quickly found that his other favorite part about attending WVJC was the faculty. “I also love the faculty and how helpful and understanding they have been.” – Preece

The reason, Preece says, that this became his other favorite part about attending WVJC was that he met a much greater challenge while attending school this time than he did in his first attempt at college. You see, Warren found himself diagnosed with a very serious illness, one that would stop most people in their tracks in all phases of their life, but it wouldn’t stop Warren. “I wasn’t sure I was going to continue (due to the illness).  I was getting behind on my work. My teachers (were) so understanding and supportive. I cannot thank them  enough for everything they have done.”  Warren and the faculty that he worked with were able to communicate and work through his struggles to make sure he could continue in school during this very difficult time and the faculty was as happy as anyone when his health status improved.

Now, with a positive outlook on his health, Warren looks to his future. Ultimately, he wants to make sure that in five years he is with his family, healthy, and happy. However, happy includes fulfilling his dream of owning his own business, which he feels he will be vastly prepared for upon completing his program.

Warren was able to experience the human element of WVJC’s online program, which is something that we pride ourselves on. Whether it is through video based discussions, faculty that are quick to respond and seek relationships with students that lead to success, or the interaction with peers from class to class, these are services that WVJC Online strives to provide to every student.

If this sounds like the type of online education that would make you successful, check out our website at or give us a call today at 877-25ONLINE!

Steps to Apply for Admission to the Practical Nursing Program

There is no doubt about it. Nurses are heroes! They help people through their most trying times. If you choose to become a practical nurse, you will be entering an honorable profession with a long history of serving your fellow human beings. Working in the field of healthcare is something you can be proud of throughout your entire career.

An LPN works under the supervision of doctors and RNs, performing duties such as taking vital signs, collecting samples, administering medications, ensuring patient comfort, and reporting the status of their patients to the other nurses.

Many different types of healthcare facilities hire practical nurses. In this field, you might get the opportunity to work in home care, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, hospice care, rehab clinics, group homes, outpatient centers, medical offices, or hospitals. Your training is portable throughout your entire state and there are many different types of facilities to choose from.

Considerations into the West Virginia Junior College Practical Nursing program are based upon the following:

  • Student must score an overall proficient score on the HESI A2 entrance exam or meet the cut score results of:
  • English Language Composite Score: 70%
  • Math: 65%

* Cumulative Scores will be reviewed by the program director and will be considered on an individual basis.

  • Interview with the Practical Nursing Program Director and Clinical Coordinator/Instructor.
  • Essay (one page double spaced) on why you have chosen to be a practical nurse and why you chose WVJC. (Please sign and date your essay.)
  • 2 References (educational, spiritual, or current/former employer). Please submit on business letterhead and include name, phone number, or email address.
  • Comparative High School GPA or GED

These items will be evaluated and scored. The WVJC Practical Nursing Director and Clinical Coordinator will then analyze each applicant and reserve the right to make the final decision in regard to acceptance into the program. The following items must be completed prior to the first day of class. You will need to satisfactorily complete all of the following Nursing Program Requirements. These requirements are as follows:

  • Physical Exam – All areas of the “History & Physical Exam Form” must be completed and signed by your healthcare provider with a recommendation for admission.
  • Immunizations/Titers & 2-Step PPD Testing – All areas of the “Immunization Record” and the “Tuberculosis Screening Form” must be completed by your healthcare provider. All appropriate documentation must be submitted with this form.
  • State and Federal Criminal Background Checks – Complete both state and federal criminal background checks with an acceptable status.
  • Drug Screening – Results of drug screening must be “negative” for non-prescription and/or illegal drugs. Verification via current valid prescription for any medications you may be taking that result in a positive/false positive will be required.
  • Proof of Current CPR Training – Complete the American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Health Care Provider course and submit a copy of your certification to the WVJC Practical Nursing Director.
  • Uniforms – Fitted for appropriate uniforms and ID Badge obtained.
  • Child Abuse Clearance – Complete the Child Abuse Clearance form.

If you are interested in joining the ranks of Practical Nursing heroes in West Virginia, request information here today!

Katie Eaton – Student Highlight

As teenagers, many of us had time in the chair at the dentist or orthodontist office. Often, this isn’t such a great experience, but in the long run it makes for a better smile! Meet Katie Eaton, a current dental assisting student at WVJC Charleston. Katie became interested in dental assisting when she had braces as a teenager. Katie also serves as the President and is actively involved in WVJC’s Dental Club. She says that it has been a phenomenal experience and loves being involved. Katie is also an avid reader and is always listening to music.

Being a young mother, Katie says that she is motivated by her family to pursue a meaningful career. “I have a passion for learning and trying new things, so dental assisting is just a step in my journey. I am excited to further my career.” Once she graduates from the Dental Assisting program, Katie plans on pursuing something in the field of psychology. She wants to continue to learn and strive to be an example of success for her family.

Katie said, “I chose WVJC because they offer an associate degree after only 18 months of hands-on learning in my desired program”. She wants to get out soon and begin working so she can support her family. When asked how WVJC helps her, Katie said, “The instructors ensure that I’m meeting all requirements needed to pass my classes. They genuinely care for each student. This really helps in reaching my goals.”

Katie hasn’t just enjoyed her classes and extracurriculars while at WVJC. She also enjoys the student services WVJC offers to help students gain employment after they are finished with their degree. “Meeting new people and networking with different employers has been a wonderful opportunity. It’s very refreshing to know that even while enrolled we can still get our names out there.” WVJC Charleston held their annual career fair on August 23rd, 2019, where about 30 employers met and spoke with students.

Medical Terminology has been one of Katie’s favorite classes so far. She loves to learn and is excited about the variety of courses WVJC offers. Katie said the Dental Program Director, Renee Rollins, always goes above and beyond to teach students what they need to know and provide an outstanding environment.

Katie lights up when asked about giving advice to other students who are attending school and may experience some struggles along the way. Katie says to “power through the fear and just get started. Also, stay focused and worry about your school work first.”

Katie urges anyone interested in WVJC to come and learn for themselves. “You will not regret your decision to attend, just make school a priority. Putting your schooling first will secure your degree and will be well worth the time spent earning it.” For more information, visit!

Five Tips and Tricks for a Successful Online Student

The life of an online student can be especially rewarding and full of personal and professional successes – from acing an exam while working a full-time job to nailing a discussion post while caring for a newborn, and everything in between. There are so many opportunities and the online platform provides the necessary flexibility to manage all those endeavors and still succeed in obtaining your degree.

Five Tips and Tricks for a Successful Online Student

Unfortunately, the same flexibility that can help online students be successful, can also lead to disastrous results without attentiveness, time management, and confidence. Sometimes, flexibility leads us to decide that we can “kick the can down the road,” putting off that homework assignment or lecture until tomorrow. Because of this, two students with similar abilities, in the same course, at the same time can have totally different results.

Fortunately, there are a number of tips and tricks that one can utilize to improve their chances of success as an online student and increase their performance at the same time. The tricks are tried and true and are helpful whether you’re brand new to online learning or a seasoned veteran. As the WVJC Online Orientation Coordinator, I work with our new students in developing these habits so that they are ready to run, excel, and most importantly, succeed.

Number 5 – Manage Distractions

Imagine this: While driving, your phone begins to ding with a dozen text messages all being delivered at the same time; the music on your stereo accidentally gets turned up to max; your child begins to scream, cry, and kick the back of your seat; and the car right in front of you slams on their brakes. BAM! You would have avoided the accident, but unfortunately, you were too distracted to notice the car in front of you before it was too late.

The scenario above is not so different when it comes to doing online coursework. When listening to lectures, reviewing for exams, or doing assignments, you may be tempted by the thousand other things going on in your world. It is important to try to find a separate time and place away from distractions so that you can focus on the work in front of you. For some, that means waiting to work on your assignments until after your children go to sleep, for others that means doing your work at the local library or after work at your desk. Regardless of what approach you use, managing distractions is the first step in success as an online student.

Number 4 – Communication

Five Tips and Tricks for a Successful Online Student
(Photo Credit: @LanguageDalek (Twitter))

Sometimes assignments are confusing. Sometimes you will get distracted. Sometimes you won’t be able to see the forest for the trees. You need to know that that is okay and that it happens to all of us at one time or another. There are so many times that I’ve been preparing for a lecture and gotten lost in my own thoughts. This doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with you. It also doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong with the assignment or lecture you’re reviewing. Sometimes the way information is communicated and the way we comprehend just happen to be working on two different wavelengths.

The solution to this is simple, but often we do the wrong thing. So many times, I’ve seen students shut down or just decide to not turn in an assignment when confused. The solution? Communicate. Reach out to the instructor via phone, text, email, etc. Explain what you are struggling with. Word of advice: Ask specific questions. Good communication will always remedy the worst confusion.

Number 3 – Time Management

I feel like I preach this to my students constantly to the point that saying “time management” probably makes their ears want to bleed. However, it is incredibly important to manage your time effectively when you are working as an online student.

You need to develop a schedule that works for you. Plan for assignments and lectures as they’re due and work on them throughout the week. Schedule in your work as well as things like laundry and dinner. One thing that works incredibly well is to schedule in a reward time as well as leisure time. Plan to take some time out of your week to relax and enjoy yourself. I have a couple of students who bank that time until the weekend. They complete all of their assignments Monday through Friday while working a weekly job, then on the weekend, they plan adventures as a reward for finishing their assignments on time. If they are unable to complete their assignments, no adventure that week, BUT, they still are able to finish them before they are due on Sunday because they have managed their time effectively.

Keep a planner. Use a Google or Outlook calendar. Do whatever works for you, but definitely begin planning early if you want to be successful both as a student and in life.

Number 2 – Confidence

This one may seem short compared to the others, but confidence is key. As an online student, it is really easy to become intimidated by your instructors or even your classmates because you aren’t face-to-face with them each day. It is important to remember that all of us are people and that your fellow students are here to learn and grow just like you and your instructors are here because they are passionate about teaching and have a burning desire to help you achieve your dreams.

One of the most disheartening things I see is a student who is afraid to speak up. Engage with your classmates and your instructor on discussion posts. Contact your instructor and ask them questions about the subject matter. (Even if it’s not something in the assignments, we love this stuff and we will always be happy to engage).

Believe in yourself and your abilities. You are enough. You are able. You can succeed. Show everyone else what you already know – that you are strong and your dreams are within your reach.


Number 1 – Understand “You”

I always smile when making this kind of list because it’s so easy for someone to sit here and tell you how to do something when they aren’t in your shoes. Though I have seen these tips and tricks work for students of all ages, it doesn’t mean that everything works exactly the same way for everyone. When speaking about education, everyone has their own learning style and you should never put yourself in a box. For example, if you are a “white board” person –meaning you like to make a large list on a white board and cross it off as you complete it –then, by all means, continue to do that in place of using a planner. Do what works for you. Each of these tips is broad so that you can determine what approach to it will help you find the most success.

If you are struggling to find a solution or you feel like you need more advice (or just someone to spitball study habits ideas off of) please feel free to reach out to me at I am always happy to help a student looking to improve themselves and have been in your shoes, so please utilize me as a resource.

Jess Lowe – Admissions Advisor Highlight

Hi!  My name is Jess Lowe and I am the High School Admissions Advisor for WVJC Morgantown and Online! I’ve been a part of the WVJC family for about a year and a half, and my favorite part of working here, aside from all the amazing students and families that I get to help, is working alongside such dedicated and caring faculty and staff.

I am the proud mom of 3 amazing kids and I have a strong belief that each new day provides the opportunity to do better than the day before, which usually means I’m in pursuit of some goal! Those goals vary, but are often related to exercise, eating healthy, reading a new book, or watching a documentary. I spend a lot of time with my family, enjoy music of any kind (except new country), and love to hike/ camp, read, bake, garden, and crochet. I’m super competitive and play a lot of card and board games with my family.

I absolutely love to explore and someday hope to spend my retirement traveling the continent in my Food Truck. This will allow me to fulfill my lifelong dream of living completely untethered to any particular place and meeting as many people and experiencing as many different cultures as possible.  My first stop is going to be Red Rocks Amphitheater near Denver, Colorado. Stop by and let me know which other areas I should put on my bucket list.

If you are a high school senior, there is a good chance that you will meet with me on your journey toward college. If you have any questions about WVJC, would like to tour our campus, or need to know the next scholarship deadline, feel free to reach out to me at I look forward to meeting you!