Networking is critical!

Whether you are searching, managing or advancing your career, networking is critical! At West Virginia Junior College, our Career Management Team is here to assist you every step of the way.

One of the most useful tools we use to assist our alumni with networking is LinkedIn.

“I’m not a number. I’m a student. My teachers know me by name. I’m getting a quality education and don’t feel so alone. It changed my outlook on college from terrifying to a more comfortable feeling. I found that I could get a quality education without having years of hassle.” – Shasta Shrader, WVJC Student

We use LinkedIn to:

  • Keep in touch and network with alumni
  • Connect our graduates with other graduates, current students, mentors and
    professionals in their fields
  • Notify and plan community and professional events
  • Provide supplemental resources and advice to assist with your professional growth
  • Promote discussions about career and field-specific topics so you can get involved
  • Improve online search results for our grads

If you need assistance building your LinkedIn profile or joining your alumni group, contact our Career Management Team.

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