Abigael Falls – Graduate Highlight

Abigael Falls scaled | WVJC

Prior to enrolling at WVJC Online, Abigael was trying to figure out the right career path for herself. She was enrolled at another institution but decided she wasn’t ready to pursue a four-year degree yet. She was in the US Navy and then became a stay-at-home mom until she decided to enroll at WVJC Online. Abigael gravitated toward the Medical Coding program because she wanted to be on the administrative side of the medical field. She wanted to use her previous experience in administration toward her new career.

Abigael’s favorite part of attending WVJC Online was the flexibility it afforded her. She was able to complete the courses while being a full-time mom and full-time employee. One of her favorite teachers at WVJC was Bryce Adkins because he was very responsive and attentive. She enjoyed his feedback which was both encouraging and constructive.

Now that she has graduated, Abigael is a Medical Biller at St. George Clinic. She loves her job! In the next five years, she hopes to feel secure in her life because she knows that security will bring peace and happiness. Abigael would be happy to refer WVJC to a friend. She believes that WVJC is perfect for anyone looking to earn an online degree quickly and gain employment after graduation. Attending WVJC is a decision Abigael is very happy she made!

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