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How do I make my SCRUBS look professional?

Scrubs…You can’t exactly toss them on with a pair of heels, throw your hair back and walk out of the house in the morning, can you? While they seem casual and simple enough, here are a few tips in making sure your scrubs meet the “Professional Dress” criteria.

1. Make sure they are wrinkle-free and neatly pressed
You might read this and think to yourself…”Are you serious?” The truth is that, yes…a neatly pressed pair of scrubs look much more professional than something you pulled out of your closet or grabbed out of the floor that morning. You don’t have to do much to wear scrubs, so make sure what you do makes them as professional as possible!

2. Shoes
Yes, they matter. Many organizations have strict shoe guidelines, but until you know exactly what the rules are, focus on covering your feet entirely with clean shoes. Do not wear any sandals, flip-flops or open-toed shoes with your scrubs and make sure they are clean of any noticeable dirt.

3. Haircut / Hairstyle
When working in the medical field, you need to make sure you choose an appropriate hairstyle that can stay out of your face. Watch bangs and layers that can come in your face and distract you from doing your job correctly. Make sure you keep your hair pulled-back while in the working environment in a neat ponytail or style.

4. Make-up
Be sure to keep make-up minimal, neutral and professional. Do not wear wild colors in eye make-up or lipstick that can be distracting to patients. Your job is to make patients feel comfortable during their visit to the doctor, so natural make-up is always the best idea.

5. Hands & Fingernails
You are going to be working with your hands in the medical field, so you need to make sure they are always neat, clean and manicured. Do I mean you need to go out and get a $40 manicure? Absolutely not. A manicured look on your nails can start at home by ensuring your nails are clean underneath and around the nail bed and are free of bright polish. You also need to make sure, if your nails are polished, you use a neutral color that is fully covering the nails. Don’t go to work with your polish peeling halfway off your fingernails.

A tip on fake nails, too: Typically, they are not allowed in offices or during your clinical training in school. Make sure you know the rules in the environment in which you are studying and working and follow them. Fake nails can harbor germs and bacteria that can be unsafe for the medical environment and your job is to help reduce the spread of germs…not become part of it.

6. Jewelry
Your jewelry should follow the rest of your appearance and should be kept neutral and minimal. Make sure you follow any rules regarding jewelry at your place of employment or at your school and leave the cheap jewelry at home. You want to look professional and employable at all times, even during your training, so keep jewelry classy and simple.