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Graduate Highlight – Brittany Graten

Brittany GatenDental Assisting Graduate Brittany Gaten is looking forward to new career possibilities and is focused on her future. Gaten, a Charleston native chose to attend West Virginia Junior College for the Dental program because of the unique scheduling and the smaller classes offered.

“It’s not a big university, people know who you are and it’s something different. I also liked how every six weeks the classes changed, “said Gaten.

She started her journey in May of 2013. Gaten said her number one goal was to graduate with honors. Reminiscing on that day, she admits she never thought it would actually happen. “I remember that, all I wanted was to graduate with the honors ropes. I really didn’t think I would make it all the way through with a 4.0 but I did,” explained Gaten.

When asked about her favorite part of being a student at WVJC, Gaten answered without having to think.

“My dental instructor, Ms. Rebecca Hale. She kept us all interested in dental and was such a motivation. She was truly dedicated to us and she pushed us to succeed,” Gaten said with a smile. She said her biggest “Thank Yous” go to Ms. Hale and her mother. Without their support she doesn’t know if she could have accomplished her initial goal.

“Not many 22 year olds say their mom is their best friend but mine is. She came with me to my first appointment here and has helped me through the rough times. It wasn’t easy but her support helped me so much and I did it!” said Gaten. Looking into the future Gaten is wanting to work in a dental office. She has experience in Orthodontics but would like to gain experience in a general dentist office, especially if it were a pediatric office.

“I love working with kids, that’s why I chose dental. It was something different but I still have the possibility of working with kids,” Gaten stated.

Currently in the process of moving Gaten is holding all options open for career locations. Once her family is officially moved she plans to still work near Charleston. Gaten attributes to hard work and focus as her key to success. She says if students keep their heads up, work hard and stay focused they will accomplish their goals. At this time Gaten says having “free time” will be an adjustment.

“Just working and then having time to do whatever will be a big adjustment. I don’t know what to do without having to study or have an assignment due.”

While it will be a slight adjustment, one thing is for sure…Gaten will have a bright future because she accomplished her goals and is focusing on her new career goals.