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Brittany Nuzzo – Academic Dean Speaks At ABHES Conference

WVJC Online Academic Dean

WVJC Online is proud to announce that our Academic Dean, Brittany Nuzzo, presented at the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools’ (ABHES) national conference on Thursday, March 1 at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. The group of professionals in the audience included those in the education field who hope to adopt some of WVJC Online’s best practices in their own schools. Her topic? Humanizing Distance Education. Brittany presented on several techniques and practices that WVJC Online utilizes every day to better serve our students. These include providing superior customer service through check in systems and personalization techniques, building a strong team of program directors and teachers, and using seemingly small gestures that add up to making a big difference in the eyes of our students.

Brittany Nuzzo

Brittany’s presentation (and philosophy for WVJC Online) was broken into four pillars; utilizing high touch follow-up systems, humanizing processes and training to make connections between students and faculty, building effective and consistent courses, and maintaining a culture of accountability amongst faculty and program directors. Ultimately though, she honed in on one key practice, building relationships. We at WVJC Online believe this is the most integral part of maintaining a successful and effective online school in a world of automated customer services reps and cell phones that take the place of human interaction. As Brittany very cleverly put it, “We insert people back into the PC”.  We provide our students 24/7 technical support, a consistent and user friendly classroom platform, and a faculty that is readily accessible. We also ensure timely and thorough feedback on assignments so that our students know exactly where they stand in their classes. It is our mission to infuse human elements at every turn of the online student experience to ensure that our students never feel isolated or alone. Rather, they feel supported, cared about, and connected to their college and its staff.