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WVJC Online Instructor Highlight: Jenica Frye

Jenica1Jenica Frye is an instructor for West Virginia Junior College Online and loves the emphasis WVJC puts on success in the programs.

“WVJC Online cares about the success of each individual student,” she explained. “Everyone from the Academic Dean to the Instructors really do want to see each student succeed in their field of study.”

Jenica says that online learning opens doors to education for many students that could not attend an on-campus atmosphere. She explained, “The students learn the same material, but they are able to do so on their own time and still maintain jobs and family commitments.”

Jenica gave a great idea to individuals interested in starting an online degree program:

“Stay focused on why you wanted to go to college in the first place. Write yourself a letter at the beginning telling yourself why you are making this commitment to yourself and hang it above your work area for school. Surround yourself with positive people and reach out to your instructors and staff of the college. They are there to meet with you and communicate with you just like you were an on-ground student.”

She also gave these great tips for students enrolled in our online programs:

  1. Work on assignments early in the week so that if something comes up, you are still able to get the required work done on-time
  2. If you find that you are unable to make a deadline, call your instructor and let them know what is going on
  3. Communicate! In an online program, it’s the most important thing you can do

Outside of the classroom or the virtual education setting, Mrs. Frye has been married to her High School Sweetheart for 10 years! She’s a soccer mom of two children and they love the outdoors. They even take their dogs camping often throughout the year! She loves food from all over the world and loves to travel around the USA. She’s a WVU Football fan and tries to take her kids to as many games as possible. Her favorite thing to do is to sit in her comfy chair with a blanket and read a good book – her favorites include The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Red Tent.

WVJC Online offers Associate Degree Programs in Medical Assisting, Medical Office Management and Business Management . If you are interested in learning more, visit us at www.wvjc.edu/online