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The Student Becomes the Teacher- Dr. Kaylor Loves Her Role on the Other Side of the Classroom


MORGANTOWN – Years ago, Dr. Tammy Kaylor was juggling exams, homework, and lab assignments as a college student. Today, she finds herself juggling similar things, but now she’s on the other side of the classroom as an instructor, course developer and the WVJC eCampus student services coordinator.


She’s been there and done that, so she knows what’s it’s like to be a dedicated college student. But, as she enjoys her current duties, the bubbly Kaylor offers some positive advice for her students who are going through similar situations as she once experienced.


“Do the best you can, learn as much as you can, and it’ll definitely pay off in the end,” Kaylor enthusiastically said.


It’s paying off for Kaylor as she said she’s having a great time interacting with the online students. She remembers at how influential her mentor was while at college, so she is paying it forward and is always trying to work with the online students to help them reach their goals.


“My favorite part about being part of the eCampus is definitely interacting with my students,” Kaylor said. “It’s just amazing to be able to share my experiences in the healthcare field with my students and to be able to watch them grow as healthcare professionals. I just love that!”


“Tammy is an outstanding addition to the WVJC eCampus,” Brittany Nuzzo, academic dean, said. “She brings a wealth of information and she really, really cares about the students and their success. If you ever talked to her as a colleague or as a student, you’ll definitely get to know this trait in her.”


The Duquesne graduate remembers what it was like being a student and the stresses that come with being a scholar.


“Every time we went through finals week was always a struggle when I was at pharmacy school,” recalls Kaylor. “I remember just spending hours upon hours in the library. And, as soon as one final was over, I moved on back to the library to study for the next final and that was really a rough time for me. But finals are part of school and you make it through and you advance and before you know it, it’s all over. So, it’s worth it in the end.”


But Kaylor didn’t hit the books every day, all day, even back in high school. She recalls always enjoying hanging out with friends and would frequently hit the bowling alley, walk around the mall, or shoot pool back in her hometown.


Then, in college, being right by the sights and sounds of Pittsburgh allowed the medical instructor to enjoy what the big city has to offer.


Her favorite memory with her friends at Duquesne involve a lot of Black and Gold.


“A memory that stuck out in college was when the Steelers won the Super Bowl,” Kaylor said. “The whole city went crazy in the streets and we were all celebrating together, so that was a really happy memory for me.”


She said it was a one-of-a-kind experience for her.


Today, during the rare moments when she’s not keeping a watchful eye over her classes and the online students, Kaylor enjoys making cakes, playing the piano and being with her husband and dog, Mr. Pickles.


Current students are encouraged to say, text, message or email a hello to Kaylor as she is definitely a people person and enjoys chatting with the WVJC students.


“I always look forward in getting to know new people and I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about me,” she said.