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Student Activities at WVJC Charleston

student activitiesCharleston, WV– Students are taking action at West Virginia Junior College Charleston! As we enter the month of August many of the WVJC student body knows what that means- school will be starting soon for many of their children and children in their communities. However, for many students, preparing for a new school year can be financially challenging.

For the 12th consecutive year WVJC Medical Club sponsored the Backpack and School Supply Drive. The purpose of this drive is to assist WVJC students with back-to-school needs for their children. The whole college campus was encouraged to donate school supplies and backpacks. WVJC students interested in signing-up to receive a backpack for their children were encouraged to see faculty and sign-up confidentially. The new student organization, Students for Students, took a large role in the success of this event.

Students for Students President, Alex Cullison felt the organization should be involved in the drive because the main goal of Students for Students is to lend a helping hand to fellow classmates.

“I believe in reaching out and giving a hand when people need it,” says Cullison.

He says this is the first of many events Students for Students will be involved in and promoting on the college campus.   

Together, the Medical Club and Students for Students packed several backpacks and still have a collection of extra school supplies on-hand for students who may not have signed up for the event.

Ms. Beth Orcutt-Davis, WVJC Student Services Director, says this event is about much more than school supplies. Students who donated to the drive knew they were helping fellow classmates and their families, but Ms. Orcutt-Davis says there is a bigger message being sent in these children’s backpacks.

“This annual school supply drive is a testament to our Medical Chair’s dedication to our students. Ms. Campbell organizes this event year after year and the students know it’s important to give back, but by giving back they are fostering so much more,” says Orcutt-Davis.

She goes on to say by sending the youth in surrounding communities to school with new supplies and the proper tools, we are assisting future college students.

“Given proper tools and confidence at young ages, those children can blossom into bright college-bound students and one day…working professionals,” said Orcutt-Davis.

At WVJC, students do receive a specialized education but the involvement and feeling of community is what most alumni will recall first. Education is the number one priority at the college campus but the sense of community, support and care students receive is what resonates throughout the community.