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Medical Office Management Staff Highlight – Amanda Keeney

medical office administrationWest Virginia Junior College is happy to introduce the newest Medical instructor on campus, Ms. Amanda Keeney. She is a native of Boone County where she currently resides.

Amanda teaches many courses at the WVJC Charleston college campus. Students in the Medical Office Management or Medical Assisting program have had Ms. Keeney as an instructor. She teaches Anatomy, Medical Terminology, Insurance and Coding, Medical Office Procedures and Electronic Health Records.   

“I enjoy watching my students grow as healthcare professionals,” said Keeney.   

With over 15 years of medical assisting experience and a diverse employment background, Amanda shares her knowledge and experience with students to help them realize their goals.

“I have experience in an urgent care setting, obstetrics and gynecology, and the family practice environment. I think it is beneficial to students that I have broad professional experience” stated Keeney.

Students enjoy Ms. Keeney’s courses. She finds alternative ways to complete work and study. Students focus on their personal goals and learn to work in teams, like they will in the healthcare industry.

She does have some advice for individuals looking at the medical field as a career path.

“Hold yourself professionally and stay passionate about your goals. If you love helping others, a career in Medical Assisting or Medical Office Management might be something to consider. This is a very rewarding career and I have enjoyed it from day one. Now I am excited to help students achieve their goals and love their careers just like I do!”

Outside the classroom, she enjoys spending time outdoors, spending time with her family, and watching Nashville and Empire.

If you would like additional information about the medical programs offered at the Charleston, WV campus, call 304-345-2820.