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Legal Assistant Student Highlight- LaAmya Nowak-Manley

LaAmya Nowak-ManleyCharleston, WV – Some people think it is impossible to fit college into their already busy lives. While balancing life is a task itself, it’s not impossible to fit in an education. At West Virginia Junior College it is possible to pursue your career goals. Graduate, LaAmya Nowak-Manley, attended WVJC Charleston because of the flexibility and the short graduation timeframe.

LaAmya graduated in June 2015 with a Specialized Associate Degree in Legal Assistant . She will agree the road to graduation was not easy but she conquered obstacles by keeping her goal of graduation in mind. Working two jobs with long hours, caring for children, balancing family life and completing homework was LaAmya’s life for 16 months. She worked while attending school and excelled in the Legal Assistant program. In her last term of college, LaAmya accepted a legal position with a local law firm. She was working in her profession before even graduating and that’s one reason she says WVJC was the perfect fit for her.

“I chose WVJC because I could have a degree and be doing what I wanted in a short amount of time. I graduated in sixteen months.”

“I am a Legal Assistant for a firm in Charleston. I assist several attorneys in the firm with anything they may need me to do. Phone calls, scheduling, mailings, interviews, filing, correspondence,” says Nowak-Manley.

Not only is she happy about her current position but she is also pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration. Through the 2+2 program between WVJC and Strayer University she will have two degrees in the time it takes to earn one four-year degree. 

Now that LaAmya is working in the legal field and is taking courses for her bachelor’s degree, she has more free time and says that is a major reward. She gets to enjoy more family time.

“I enjoy time with my husband and boys. I no longer have to work two jobs, and I’ve learned to balance my school work so that I have even more time to myself and with my family.”

It is said that nothing worthwhile in life is ever easy and LaAmya agrees, but she encourages anyone thinking of pursuing college to go for it.

“Don’t wait. I worked two jobs and went to school. It flew by! Was it hard? Of course, but it was worth it,” encourages LaAmya.

A job is just that…a job. An education will lead to a rewarding career. If you are interested in exploring colleges and looking for your perfect fit, give WVJC Charleston a call at 304.345.2820.