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Student Highlight – David LaLone

david laloneConvenient, Flexible, and Rewarding- The words “job” and “career” sound similar enough but they have very different meanings. It is not uncommon to hear West Virginia Junior College Charleston students say, “I have worked many jobs but now I’m looking for a career.” That is how Information Technology student David LaLone began his educational journey.

“I used to be a union electrician but I wasn’t happy with what I was doing. The IT program drew my interest because I had been interested in it for a very long time,” said La Lone.

The centralized location of the college campus in downtown Charleston is easily accessible to students with varying travel situations, some students can walk to campus while others live on a bus line or drive their own vehicles. That is another reason David says he chose WVJC.

“It is close to where I live but what I like most is the flexibility in the class schedule. I can come to school in the morning and also be at work in the evening.”

When asked what topic he has enjoyed the most while studying IT, he says the Computer Hardware course has been his favorite so far.

“You get to set a budget, build and troubleshoot your own PC…which is pretty cool,” stated LaLone.

His favorite instructor is IT Director Tom Pinkerton. Not only does Mr. Pinkerton have extensive knowledge in the IT field, but he is also very helpful and willing to lend a hand if students need additional support.

“If I had questions about anything or needed to know how to do something, he was there to lend a hand and get me through it.”

David’s instructors notice his drive and comment on his maturity and academic success. David is a Student Ambassador and has earned his A+ certification. He is currently preparing to obtain his CCENT certification this spring.

He credits his girlfriend, also a student at WVJC, for his success. “Without her encouraging me, I don’t think I would be in college right now”.

David’s story is unique, but yet still similar to other students’ stories at the college. Sometimes, continuing education directly after high school is not for everyone, but an education is vital to a career.

West Virginia Junior College is easily accessible, offers a flexible schedule, and is beneficial for students wanting a rewarding career.