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online accounting associate degree offered in PAEarning a degree in Business Administration/Accounting can help open new doors and provide you with a variety of career opportunities throughout Pennsylvania and beyond. As a business accounting professional, you will have the flexibility to work in a number of organizations, including private businesses, government agencies and nonprofits.

This flexibility is something you’ll also find within our program. Our Online Business Administration/Accounting program offered in PA allows you to earn your degree remotely, completing your courses in your own time and at your convenience.

Earn an Online Business Administration/Accounting Associate Degree Offered in PA

Our business administration/accounting program offered in PA teaches students a wide range of skills so that they will be qualified to become a member of a professional team. With cities like Pittsburgh, Waynesburg and New Castle in need of accounting personnel, it’s clear choosing WVJC Online can set you on a path to a great future.

Some of the benefits that students receive as part of our program include:

  • Small online class sizes
  • Career services
  • Career ready in months
  • The ability to work in a variety of businesses
  • 24/7 computer tech support
  • Mobile access

Learn more about how you can jump-start your dream career today by reaching out to our online accounting associate degree program team members!

Why You Should Choose an Online Accounting Associate Degree Program

Over the years, countless students have received the benefits offered by an associate degree, and now, with online training emerging and becoming more popular, the benefits are greater than ever before.

When you select an online program for business administration/accounting offered in Pennsylvania, you have the chance to:

  • Finish your schooling in only eighteen months, allowing you to streamline your higher education and make effective use of your schedule
  • Structure your course schedule to account for work and family obligations, as well as accommodating your day-to-day needs
  • Get 24-hour tech support to quickly resolve issues that may arise
  • Evade the problems associated with driving to a campus on a regular basis, avoiding long commutes, parking fees, gridlock and inclement weather
  • Begin your career sooner and start applying your skillset

It’s clear – an online accounting associate degree offered in Pennsylvania affords you with a wealth of benefits for your professional life. So whether you’re in New Castle, Washington, Uniontown, Waynesburg, or anywhere else throughout western Pennsylvania, choose WVJC Online for your fundamental business administration/accounting education.


Features of Our Online Accounting Degree Offered in PA

WVJC Online students hone a variety of fundamental skills that they’ll be able to apply to their ultimate careers.

Topics that our courses focus on include:

  • Payroll-related laws and procedures
  • Basic inventory accounting
  • Full accounting cycles
  • Computing salaries and wages
  • How to work with standard tax forms
  • Financial accounting
  • Preparing tax returns for payroll
  • Business ownership models
  • Methods of timekeeping
  • Working with standard financial statements
  • Using accounting software

When students in our business administration/accounting program offered in Pennsylvania acquire these essential skills, they can graduate and go on to roles like:

  • Management trainee
  • Payroll clerk
  • Accounting assistant
  • Bookkeeper
  • Accounts receivable clerk
  • Billing clerk

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