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Do you live in Cleveland, Akron, Canton, or the surrounding Northeast Ohio region and are looking for a reliable school for an online business administration/accounting degree? WVJC Online’s business administration/accounting associate degree can help prepare you for a career in an essential field.

Companies in a wide variety of sectors rely on accounting professionals to properly manage their finances to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently. Receiving your online accounting degree from us will help qualify you to become one of these trusted professionals.

The Value of Choosing an Online Accounting Associate Degree

For years, students have benefitted from choosing an associate degree over other forms of higher education, and with the advent of online schooling the benefits of getting your business administration/accounting degree online are even greater.

By choosing an online program for business administration/accounting offered in Ohio from WVJC Online, you’ll be able to:

  • Graduate in just 18 months, streamlining your education and making the most of your time by avoiding unnecessary electives
  • Organize your schedule in a way that best fits your lifestyle and circumstances, accounting for work and other obligations, as well as time of day preferences
  • Receive 24/7 technical support from our experienced team who are ready to assist you with most issues
  • Avoid the hassles and pressures of commuting to a campus and all that it entails, facing issues like parking, traffic, weather, and travel time
  • Get started on your career faster and begin enjoying the benefits of your education

As you can see, choosing a business administration/accounting online program is a great choice for your future if you’re an Ohioan looking for a flexible education that can boost your skillset and marketability.

What You’ll Learn in Our Online Accounting Associate Degree Program

Students within our program will develop a range of skills that will help them during their job searches and future careers.

Some aspects of accounting our students learn about include:

  • Laws which affect payroll
  • Working with basic tax forms
  • Financial accounting
  • Basic inventory accounting
  • Business ownership models
  • Basic financial statements
  • Utilizing computerized accounting software
  • Computing wages and salaries
  • Payroll tax returns
  • Full accounting cycles
  • Timekeeping methods

By acquiring these skills and becoming accustomed to standard accounting procedures, graduates of our online accounting program can go on to careers like:

  • Accounts receivable clerk
  • Bookkeeper
  • Payroll clerk
  • Accounting assistant
  • Billing clerk
  • Management trainee

And through experience gained on-the-job, each of these positions has the potential to lead to advancement and greater opportunities within the accounting field.

With all of the skills you’ll gain by being part of WVJC Online’s Ohio accounting associate degree program offered in Ohio, it’s clear that choosing us can be the first step toward a rewarding future.

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If you’re looking for an online accounting degree offered in Ohio, your search is over. WVJC Online will prepare you for an exciting professional career, so don’t delay.

Contact us today because we’re ready to help you expand your skillset and get started on your career path.

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