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WVJC Morgantown: Students Helping Students

When students begin on the path to their new careers at the West Virginia Junior College, Morgantown Campus, help is just around the corner.

Each year, Academic Dean Leanne Cardoso rallies the student government to host events benefiting Students Helping Students, a fund created to offer small amounts of financial support, in the form of loans, to students who find themselves without parking or gas money.

“Our campus is unique,” Cardoso said. “Our location is great, but parking is not free.  We developed ‘Students Helping Students’ to ensure that our students can come to class, even if they find themselves a few quarters short.”

Students also visit Cardoso’s office for personal products and bus passes.

“We will help our students in any way that we can,” Cardoso said.

To fund Students Helping Students, Cardoso and the student government host multiple hotdog and nacho sales. Proceeds from events, such as the yearly formal, go to the fund.

In addition to Students Helping Students, the campus has created other ways to make attending school easier for students.

Recently, the WVJC partnered with the Morgantown Parking Authority to provide $30 per month parking permits for the city parking garage located at the Wharf, a 12-minute walk from the downtown campus.  The parking permits can be paid for through financial aid.

“Attendance is a big part of being successful here,” Cardoso said. “If there’s a reason why a student cannot come to class, we want to know about it. And if possible, we will help.”