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WVJC Morgantown Information Technology Graduate Highlight: J.D. Keith

JDA week before he graduated, AccuWeather hired West Virginia Junior College’s Information Technology Student Jonathan (J.D.) Keith as a Network Operations Technician.

J.D., who graduated from the WVJC in May, ensures that the computer and network system at AcceWeather is running efficiently. When it’s not, an alarm sounds, and J.D. responds to fix the issue. He said he does other things, too, like maintaining the network, running cables and installing new equipment.

AccuWeather is a weather monitoring company that provides weather services worldwide. It is headquartered in State College, Pa.

J.D. said his degree in Information Technology prepared him to enter the workforce as an IT professional.

“It gave me the basic knowledge of what I needed to do,” J.D. said.  AccuWeather programmers and engineers design and build their own equipment. J.D. added that his experiences at the WVJC gave him an overview of how everything works in a networking environment.

He said his favorite thing about his job is that he gets exposed to everything – operational or development. 

J.D. advised current Information Technology students to do their best and stay true to what they want to do. He added that it’s great to make everyone else around proud, too.

“J.D. is the kind of person who would step in a fix a problem without being asked,” said Holly Hildreth, the WVJC’s career management director. “We are very proud of him, and he is greatly missed.

J.D. said his favorite part of his experience at the WVJC was his externship where he helped the WVJC’s IT staff maintain and upgrade the network, along with troubleshooting software and hardware issues.