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West Virginia Junior College Honors Teacher of the Year

pinkerton2CHARLESTON, WV – West Virginia Junior College’s winter graduation ceremony was a very special day for students, but it was also a great day for the school’s IT Program Chair, Tom Pinkerton. Tom was surprised with the honor of “WVJC Teacher of the Year”. The award is given to an instructor with outstanding class reviews, teaching skills, and dedication to students.

When asked how he felt winning the award, Tom replied “ I was surprised and a bit humbled. I had no idea that I was going to be given the award. The thing that really made it great, though, was having the graduates from the IT program come forward when it was presented.”


There are a few people Tom would like to thank for his award and giving him the opportunity to work with students. “I would first thank Tom Crouse (our director when I was hired) and Cyndi Tawney for giving me a chance to teach classes. I had no expectation of ever teaching, yet I’ve absolutely loved the experience. I would also thank all the students who have been in my classes for making it such an enjoyable experience.”

When asked what inspires Tom to continue teaching, he said “If I could point to any one thing that I find an inspiration for what I do in the classroom, it would be the graduation ceremonies. Seeing the students graduate, and how profoundly that affects their lives, makes all the day-to-day hard work worthwhile.”

Finally, Tom has some advice to offer students. “Really give it your all and take it seriously. The material we cover in the IT program, as well as all of our programs here at WVJC, is not easy. But our students are immensely talented and I’ve seen so many people succeed and find great careers. It definitely takes a serious commitment from the student, but the result is well worth it.”

Congratulations to Tom on this wonderful achievement!