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Spring Break! Rest, Relax & Rejuvenate!

An 18-month program goes by quickly. Students at West Virginia Junior College follow a strict skill-based program with courses changing every six weeks, so a little time off can most be a time to relieve stress, relax and recharge the batteries.

Here are a few tips for students on spring break:
1. Make time for your family or friends
Between classes and study-time, sometimes students get overwhelmed with a lack of family and friend time. Make sure you schedule time with members of your family and your friends while you’re off. During this time, make sure you tell them how much you appreciate their support for your education!

2. Take a little ‘you time’
School can be stressful! Recharge your batteries by something as big as a massage, manicure or pedicure for the girls, maybe some hunting or outdoor activities for the guys or simply rest and watch your favorite TV shows or take a bubble bath. Whatever your ‘you time’ is, take time for it while you’re off from school.

3. Catch Up on Chores
Has that loose door knob or that messy room been really getting under your skin? Spring Break gives you a few days to focus on those pesky chores. Take a day, knock them out and enjoy how much better you feel once you’ve accomplished those tasks.

4. Oh, you’re a work hound?
If you are one of those people who love to pick up extra hours at work, here’s your chance! Take Spring Break to make a little extra cash to push you through the spring and summer months. Talk with your bank about opening a savings account, too – you never know when a little extra cash might come in handy.

5. Check out your industry
To get motivated for upcoming classes, take time to research or look at facilities, news or events in your industry. Make a call to shadow someone who has the job you’re training for in school or find a blog explaining new and upcoming exciting information in your industry. The more you know the better!

6. Build your network
This is a great time to refresh your network, as it has most definitely changed since you started school. Write down new contacts like teachers, classmates, work supervisors, internship or externship supervisors or anyone you have met that might be a great contact when you graduate and begin the job search. Take notes on how you met them and make it a point to reach out to them while you have some time off. Whether it’s just to check-in, shooting them an article of something important in their field or dropping off a little ‘thank you’ to them, it will matter…and they’ll remember that when they know of openings in your area.

Enjoy your break! We look forward to seeing you back on-campus next week.