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Bridgeport Staff Highlight – Academic Dean Jenica Frye

BRIDGEPORT, WV – As the Academic Dean, Jenica Frye is able to teach along with her administrative duties.

“My favorite part of being an instructor at WVJC-Bridgeport is when I get to help students make connections between classroom theory and discussion to real world experiences and examples,” Jenica said. “That moment when a student has that  ‘Aha!’ moment is what gives me so much joy in the classroom. I also enjoy seeing them start out unsure of themselves and scared that they can’t finish college, then transform in to a confident, well educated member of their professional field.”

Jenica’s role as the academic dean is to provide students with academic counseling, help keep them on track in classes, and assist in any personal struggles that they may need help getting through. When students want to drop or add a class they visit Jenica to talk about all the options available to them, and discuss the best plan of action for them.

“I also make sure students are happy with their classes, instructors, and that they are able to feel like that are a part of the college as a whole,” Jenica said. “This can include setting up tutoring, mentoring, club involvement, or extra time with the instructors for further explanation on subject matter.”

Some students go to Jenica with personal issues that she is able to assist them with by referring them to local agencies that students at the school volunteer for.

“I love being a resource for the students,” she said. “They come to me to bounce ideas off of, to get help in any number of areas, or just for a pep talk. I believe in each and every one of our students and I know that they can all be successful. A great leader that I know always says, ‘People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.’ This quote has proven its self to be true so many times here at WVJC- Bridgeport.”

Get to know a little more about Jenica by watching the video below:


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